About The Gold River Project

An open world single player, 4 player co-op or 4 player free for all survival adventure game. Scavenge resources, solve puzzles, and survive.

Follow along with one camper's diary log here.

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Explore farms, towns, and abandoned mines to find clothing, food, water, supplies, and the occasional note with clues for survival. What you can't find, you may be able to craft from items you collect.


Each zone is a season which is surrounded by a Wall. Within the zone, there are randomly placed Substations that power the Wall. Find the Substations, solve the puzzle within, and disable the Wall.


When the Wall is deactivated the season will change. Make sure you collect the right gear because Mother Nature is working against you! As are the wolves, bears and the enigmatic Settlers.

You Are Not Alone

You are not the first to be led into this trap. There were campers before you and there will be campers after you. The ones that couldn't escape, or didn't want to escape, are known as 'The Settlers'.

Faction1 settler image
Marked with green paint made from crushed leaves

Faction 1

These previous campers have formed a faction that is peaceful. If they feel threatened they will flee, but if you can befriend them they will return the favor threefold.

Faction2 settler image
Marked with blue paint made from crushed delphiniums

Faction 2

This faction will hold their ground and protect their camp, but not at the sacrifice of life. It might be worth your while if you can explore their camp.

Faction3 settler image
Marked with red paint from crushed poppies

Faction 3

This faction is unstable and must be avoided at all cost. They work closely with a few rogue scientists from the Lab that control the experiment. If you're feeling brave, infiltrate their camp and you may find a way into the Lab.

A Way Out

Substations are the facilities that power the Wall, and are operated by the Lab. Find these small concrete structures throughout each season, gain entry, and travel deep down inside to disable the mechanics controlling the Wall. This is not the only way to disable the Wall. Field Labs and Settler camps may also hold the key to an alternative solution...

Outside puzzle room image
Inside the puzzle room image
The Wall between Season zones

Prepare For The Worst

Be ready! When the Wall is disabled the season will change. Summer will become Fall bringing cooler temperatures and rain to the landscape. If you manage to survive Fall, you will then be greeted with the bone chilling cold and snow of Winter. The more prepared you are, the better chances you have of making your way out alive.

Summertime season image
Winter season image